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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Open College Network module: ‘Prejudice and Discrimination’

Lucy Glennon & Jose Aguiar have been creating OCN modules for specific use in prisons.
"We are currently putting the finishing touches to a further OCN module, ‘Prejudice and Discrimination’, which will be available, at further cost, once complete. We have had some very positive feedback from HMP Holloway (from education staff, officers and inmates) about the course materials, which are based around the six new panels of the prison exhibition.
Because poster copies of the new panels come as part of the course and it can be used alongside the AF Prison project’s visit, or independently of it. We hope it will be a very valuable asset to prison education departments, and we believe it to be quite unique in its nature – it is bespoke for prisons, all monitoring documents and teachers guides are provided too. If you think the education department would be interested, please pass this information on or let us know who to speak with." Call 020 7284 5858

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