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Monday, 16 August 2010

' Hold On'

'Hold On' is one of an Anthology of poems produced at HMP Gartree, led by Leah Thorn, at the Anne Frank Trust Creative Writing Workshop. The event in July was a great success. We are extremely grateful to Mrs Eva Clarke ( Holocaust Survivor) for being our Guest Speaker during this event. Eva's talk was much appreciated by both prisoners and Staff. Special thanks to the team at HMP Gartree for their unstinting support.

► Hold On

 Hold on to your love
 Even if you’re on your own

Hold on to your dreams
Even if your afraid to sleep

 Hold on to your youth
 Even if you’re getting old

Hold on to what is real
Even if at times you have to pretend

Hold on to your tongue
If you’ve got nothing good to say

Hold on to hope
And draw it close

Let it warm your bosom
Don’t get morose

Hold on to the fact that
I will be here for you

Hold on to the thought that you’re my soul mate
And one day we will walk this earth!!

Hold on to your memories
They can’t be taken away from you

Hold on to your sanity
Even if its by a thread

Embrace this message
These are wise words that we’ve said!

► Group Work( Lloydy AJ, Malc,, John, Steve, TY) HMP Gartree, July 2010

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