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Monday, 11 April 2011

Great Return Visit to HMP Whitemoor

The Prison Project started off 2011 with a return visit to HMP Whitemoor. This was a wonderfully well received event which was appreciated by both Prisoners, staff and even included a visit from a local college.

In the first week, the exhibition was situated inside the prison, and in the second week, just outside the walls in the Officers Mess where families of staff were able to attend. Many thanks to all, especially (then Governor) Nick Leader, and Gina Butler and all staff for all their help and support.

The Guest speaker Mrs Eva Clarke (Holocaust survivor) spoke to the prisoners and staff in a morning session, and to the school group in the afternoon. She was reported to have been very pleased with the reception she received from both groups. It was extremely well appreciated.

The Prisoner guides were a great credit to HMP Whitemoor, and did such a good job in presenting the exhibition. Many thanks guys! Great return Visit!

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