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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Anne Frank Exhibition at HMP Wormwood Scrubs

The final prison event for 2011 was held at Wormwood Scrubs in West London from 29th November to 2nd December.

A fantastic return to a local prison. A great week there with a fantastic group of Prison Exhibition Guides. The exhibition was sited in the beautiful chapel of the St Francis inside the prison, which was built by prisoners in the late 19th century.
Eva Schloss, Posthumous Step Sister of Anne Frank and Survivor of Auschwitz, was our Guest Speaker and again gave a very moving account of her life during and after the Holocaust. There was a wonderful performance of poetry by the creative writers group.
A wonderful end to an excellent year for the Prison Project. Many thanks to Governors Carter Allen and Redhouse for all their support. Below is one of poems produced in the Creative Writing Workshop, and performed at the closing ceremony.

Train Tracks; a found poem from the Thesaurus

To blacken:
to befoul,
to defile,
to besmirch,
to revile

to detract,
to begrime,
to dishonour,
to malign

to soil,
to decry,
to slander,
to nigrify

to tarnish,
to defame,
to sully,
to stain

to smear,
to denigrate,
to cloud,
to taint

To darken......

Poem Courtesy of Brian & Leah

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