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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Anne Frank exhibition visits HMP Grendon & HMP Springhill

Constant Watch, Dena Thompson, HM Prison Send
Art by Offenders - Courtesy of the Koestler Trust

Combined event in HMP Grendon and HMP Springhill. ( 30th July- 10th August) Both establishments are considered to be quite unique ‘therapeutic communities’. HMP Grendon is a closed prison with many of the prison community that have served long sentences but are now considered to be low risk and are coming to the end of their sentences. HMP Springhill, literally next door is a Cat D open prison. The highlight of this event was Eva Schloss’ talk in HMP Grendon, some of the prisoners had seen Eva before and insisted that I invite her to this event. This was a great success (approx 90 prisoners and staff attended), and Eva Commented that “it was one of the best ever” and on the closing day at HMP Springhill, the Governor Jamie Bennett, brought visiting dignitary lady Edwina Grosvenor to see the work that we had been doing in those weeks and to speak to myself and the prisoner guides.

· **The Grendon regime is unique, as the therapeutic programme is the core work of the establishment. The therapeutic programme is based on therapeutic community principles, where a dedicated multidisciplinary team of staff work together with prisoners, in an atmosphere where attitudes and expressions, which would not normally be tolerated in prison, are accepted and used to give feedback to prisoners. This therapeutic dialogue leads to prisoners' greater understanding of their usual behaviour. Grendon aims to help prisoners develop more positive relationships, to change how they relate to others and to reduce their risk of re-offending

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