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Thursday, 14 March 2013

HMP Pentonville December 2012

Birds of a Feather, HMP Pentonville, Si Packard Commended
Award for Poetry or Sculpture, Courtesy of the Koestler Trust

Our last event for 2012 was a very welcome return to HMP Pentonville. Although the exhibition was for only one week, it was very well attended. We had an extremely capable group of men to present the exhibition who gained a great deal from this experience.
Some weeks before the event, Eva Schloss had visited HMP Pentonville to speak to prisoners and staff about her life, and of course her memories of being Auschwitz concentration camp. Eva had been specially requested to return after such a memorable talk at the prison in 2010.

HMP Pentonville has long supported the work of AFT, and it is hoped that we will return again in 2013. It is always well organised and a great pleasure to work there – and only a couple of miles away from the AFT office!

Many thanks to Governor Eamon Dowling as well as the Chaplaincy and Diversity staff for all their support.

Click here to view an article in the Jewish Chronicle about the work of the Anne Frank Trust in HMP Pentonville.

Click here to read a message to the guides from the Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks

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