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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

HMP Ford hosts the Anne Frank Exhibition once again!

Communitree, Anon, HM Prison Cookham Wood, Bronze Award for Oil or Acrylic.   
 Image, Courtesy of the Koestler Trust

We kicked off 2014 with a very welcome return to HMP Ford – an open prison which is very much involved in the re-socialization and rehabilitation of its prisoners. Many of the prisoners are allowed out of the gates each day to work in the community prior to their release.
This two week event was scheduled to coincide with this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations, and was especially poignant for everyone involved in the project. A group of nine prisoners were trained to present the exhibition to all visitors including prisoners, staff and prison Governors.
A Creative Writing workshop presented by Leah Thorn produced some very good poetry from the groups who attended. Steve Gadd (Prison Project Manager) presented two ‘Free 2 Choose’ debate sessions which were well attended, very lively and most enjoyable.
Our guest speaker was Dr Eva Schloss who spoke on the final day, needless to say it was very well received, and Eva was asked many interesting questions about her experiences by the audience. Eva also presented signed copies of her book ‘Eva’s Story’ to our exhibition guides and to staff and Governors.
Special thanks to Equalities Officer Tash Boughton for organizing this event, and for all her support throughout.

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