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Monday, 29 December 2014

Anne Frank Exhibition visits at HMYOI Aylesbury, HMP Kirklevington Grange and HMP East Sutton Park in October 2014

My World, Anon, HM Prison Full Sutton, Gold Award for Drawing. Image: Courtesy of The Koestler Trust
HMYOI Aylesbury
A tough Young Offenders Prison which held the Anne Frank exhibition over 2 weeks. We Worked with a very committed group of young men who did a first rate job of educating their peers about the dangers of prejudice and hatred towards others.

Our guest speaker on this occasion was Rwandan genocide survivor, Sophie Masereke who told her own unique story which was very well received. 
Thanks to Sophie and a special thanks to the Event Organiser Pam Wayte.

Kirklevington Grange
It was a very intense week in Cat C/D prison Kirklevington Grange. A small  group of prisoners presented the exhibition within the prison during the first part of the week, but on the last two days they transferred the exhibition to Stockton Library where it was presented to the general public. It was great to see the interaction between prisoners and public.

Mrs Eva Clarke was superb in bringing her talk to both venues and was wonderfully received. 
A special thanks to the Organiser Graeme Parry and the Team.

East Sutton Park
We worked with quite an amazing and very forward thinking category D prison for women. It was a great honour to see the great work that is done in this prison, with an incredible non – reoffending rate.

Dr Eva Schloss was the guest speaker and was extremely well received. Exhibition guides did a tremendous job.
Thanks to Governor Helen Campbell-Roe, Victoria Barnett and Ruth Eagles for all their help and support.

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