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Thursday, 4 August 2016

HMP Oakwood

I first met with the Equalities team at HMP Oakwood at the end of 2015, where we discussed having the event there in 2016. It was going to be a very special event, stretching over 2 weeks in February.
By coincidence, our very special Trustee and Key speaker Eva Schloss was going to be making a film with the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation at around this time, and so it was proposed that The JBC film Eva and the exhibition whilst at Oakwood. This request was put to the authorities but alas the idea was eventually turned down. This was a great disappointment to everyone concerned – but never mind.
We worked with a great group of prisoners who acted as peer mentors in presenting the exhibition to both fellow inmates as well as staff.
We had some wonderful feedback from the visitors throughout the event, and it was a very positive experience all round.
Many thanks to Neesha Ecclestone, Patrick Woodhead and Dan Daley who organised this event and for all their support throughout.

We are re-visiting the prison again in April/May when we will present 2 workshops – our ‘Free 2 Choose’ debate, and our ‘Creative writing’ workshop with Leah Thorn.  Eva Schloss will also be speaking there in April.

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