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Monday, 22 June 2015

Anne Frank Prison exhibition in HMP Kirkham

Book of Dreams,HMP Bronzefield,cardboard, newspaper, tissue paper,glue and foam, Gold Award for Hand-made Books : Image Courtesy of The Koestler Trust

Another event was hosted in March this year.

HMP Kirkham is fairly remote. Situated outside of Preston and with very infrequent transport and taxis.It is an open prison, where the population are given access to Education and Skills as well as working outside in the community prior to their release.
The prisoner guides were a nice bunch of guys who really succeeded in putting the exhibition across to all the visitors. They were the ones who really shined in this environment as they were able to organise this in their own way, and made sure that everyone understood Anne’s story and how it related to modern events.
It was decided that the best time to host the Guest speaker was after the event so that the optimum number of staff and prisoners would be able to attend this event on April 8th. Our guest speaker Eric Cohen came highly recommended. It was the first prison that Eric had ever spoken in, and everyone remarked how well his talk had been received at the prison.

Many thanks to all concerned and to Governor Graham Beck for all his support

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