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Friday, 26 June 2015

HMYOI Werrington hosts the Anne Frank Exhibition March – April 2015

Man Who Couldn't Smile, HMYOI Thorn Cross, acrylic and ink on paper, Pietro Crocioni Commended Award for Printmaking. Image: Courtesy of the Koestler Trust

A welcome return to HMYOI Werrington this year.

We felt we were really getting our message over to the young lads there on this visit. It was a really good reaction!
Although we only had three lads to present the exhibition, they presented it extremely well. One of the Guides really came out of himself whilst doing this and all staff who knew him commented on the positive transformation.
*It is often not very easy to keep the attention of young men in these institutions, as most people will tell you - but on this occasion they were very attentive.
The team led by Clair Reynolds did a great job, and I was extremely grateful to see again the good work that is done in HMYOI Werrington, and the level of professionalism and commitment shown to the lads from the staff.
Susi Bechoffer was our special guest speaker and told the story of her search for her true Identity, and the choices that she had to make as she grew up in an adopted family in a foreign country – England. Everyone very much appreciated her talk.

Special thanks again to Clair and the team for making this such a memorable event.

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